About Rebe

RebeIt is always most difficult to write about ourselves. I am just me and my journey here is to find out who “me” really is. I am you and you are me. I am in everything that I see. Everything that I see is in me. We are all connected. All is One. There is One Love of Infinite Possibilities. I am a manifestation of that Love and You are too.

I began practicing yoga in 1997 under the inspiration of my dear friend and yoga teacher, Erika Faith. I could not have foreseen the journey ahead of me. I have always been aware of my Spiritual Beingness. The journey inward and away from the superficial surface of the mundane is truly amazing. I began to actually live in my body. Over time and with practice, I became the Silent Witness watching the insanity play out before me.

New Years Day 2004, I gave birth to a bright spirited boy. Life and priorities shifted immensely. Morgan and I began teaching yoga together when he was 4 months old. We created a community of like minded women with whom we did yoga and hiked with in sacred places and shared ideas about making this generation better than any other.

My learning continues with each breath. Each person, each tree, each moment is a teacher, messengers with limitless information. We only need to listen to know that everything is available for us. Signs, symbols, clues abound.

Some of my credentials:
• Cloud Nine Yoga Graduate (California)
• Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hour and 500-hour (Advanced Teacher) with specialties in Children’s Yoga and Prenatal Yoga (Yoga Alliance eRYT-500 C P)
• Reiki Master Teacher
• Radiant Child Yoga Graduate (Level III and Facilitator Training)
• Cloud Nine Yoga Teacher Trainer

I teach yoga for women in all stages of life. I teach from my heart and soul by tuning into the Divine before each class. I become only a channel and everything is Divinely Perfect.

I encourage each one of you to find the “me” in you.

Sat Nam.


Rebe is located in Southern Nevada where she provides yoga teacher training and weekly yoga classes. She travels throughout the world with her husband and son and is available for events and specialty trainings.